Hildegard Projekt was founded by German and Finnish artists in Berlin in 2008. During the years 2008-2014 Hildegard Projekt realized altogether 16 events and exhibitions, in which various international artists took part. Today Hildegard Projekt run by artistsĀ Hildegard Skowasch, Minna Kangasmaa and Tuomo Kangasmaa.

Hildegard Projekt operates in different countries and communities in collaboration with artists and art organizations. Hildegard Projekt is also producing a dialogue between artists. The basic idea of the Hildegard Projekt is to use the works of all contributing artists as material for a shared work of art that is created for a specific place and shown only once. This method means that individual works of art become part of an artistic process, a composition in space and time. Shaping the work, the group investigates the issues of individuality and commonality.